2016 Ford Mustang Pricing

If you are out in the market seeking to purchase a new Ford Mustang, then this article is here for you. Depending on your very own choices and preferences you will choose among the various models and color differences that have been adopted into this new automotive. You do not want to be driving a very old model of automotive in this era of technology. Several make shave come out and with the cheapest of prices you will be hitting the road with a waltzing automotive and capturing the attention of basically everybody you pump on along the highways. Feel the beauty of being behind the wheel of an automotive that really gives you a reason to smile again. Whether with your friends, family or alone, 2016 Ford Mustang is there to fathom you all and give you a ride of your life time. Fell the beauty of driving a modern automotive once again.

1. V6 fastback
This is the first make of ford mustang that was ranked among the top five brands. It has a very beautifully waltzing exterior and a cozy interior. This means that you do not have to experience those boring journeys upon the roads anymore. The v6 fastback is here for your comfort. The following are some of the features that have made this model hit the headlines this year:

  • First of all it sells at $ 23,895. This compared to the kind of automotive you are going to have for your deck is so much a cheap deal.
  • It as well comes with a six-speed manual transmission, and you can imagine the kind of speed that comes with that kind of transmission.
  • It has a seventeen-inch sparkle silver painted aluminum wheel and an electric powered steering wheel.
  • It has beautifully sleek exterior and the colors are dependent on you.

2. Eco Boost Fastback
This is yet another one from Ford Mustang, and it bears the following features:

  • It sells at $ 25,395 this is much cheaper than the former.
  • Like the former, it has a six-speed manual transmission
  • HID head lamps with signature lightning
  • It has an eighteen-inch foundry black wheels.

3. V6 convertible
The following are some of its features:

  • It is worth $ 29395 which is slightly more expensive than the former
  • As the name suggest it is convertible and gives you extreme of pleasure in adventures like touring
  • Seventeen-inch silver wheels
  • Six-speed manual transmission and thus not low in speed

4. Eco Boost Premium Fastback
This is the fourth model of Ford Mustang, and the following are some of its features:

  • Comes with $ 29,395 price tag that equals the other
  • An advanced audio system that involves woofers and sub woofers.
  • Eighteen-inch magnetic aluminum wheels
  • Ambient lighting and leather seats.

5. GT Fastback
This is the last model of Ford Mustang that made it tote top five, and the following are its features:

  • Comes with a price tag of $ 32,39 5which seems quite high but is worth it.
  • Has an electronic line lock
  • Nineteen-inch black painted wheels
  • It has enhanced security packages
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